The 2018 Summer Micro-Chapbook Series Begins!

My dear friend L.N. Holmes is back at it again with some news on her upcoming micro-chapbook, releasing July 19. Spoiler alert: she’s got a badass cover reveal happening in this post.

A Vase of Wildflowers

The annualGhost City Press Summer Micro-Chapbook Serieskicked off today with Sara Adams’s Casserole.There will be new works of poetry, prose, and art released each day from May 28 to September 7. My collection of stories, Space, Collisions, will release July 19. I hope you’ll check it out!

And because I’m writing about my micro-chapbook, it should be noted that the collection now has a cover! The artist is Jennifer Potter, atalented illustrator and the creator ofEcho’s Rift. She really went above and beyond to make the cover fit with the writing. To fully appreciate the intricate details added to the cover art, you can watch Potter’s speedpaint video on YouTube.

Book Cover-hi-res Cover Art by Jennifer Potter

I’m hoping for some reviews for Space, Collisions, and have submitted an advance reading copy (ARC) of the micro-chapbook to a couple of places for consideration…

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“Abdication” Picked Up for Publication

My dear friend, L.N. Holmes, has just had her flash fiction story, “Abdication” picked up for publication at The Bookends Review. Join me in congratulating her, and stay tuned for the piece’s publication in April, 2018. Congrats, L.N.!

A Vase of Wildflowers

My flash fiction story, “Abdication,” has been selected for publication at The Bookends Review! I’m grateful to Jordan Blum and the team of editors at the journal for accepting my work. The tentative date for my piece to appear on the site is April 9. Check it out if you have time and, as always, thanks for reading!

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“Independence Day” Published by Allegory Ridge

Dear friend of mine, L.N. Holmes, has a new publication! Look out for her short story, “Independence Day.”

A Vase of Wildflowers

I’m super excited to announce that my flash fiction, “Independence Day,” has been accepted for publication by Allegory Ridge. You can read it here! A big thank you to Alexander Rigby and his crew for publishing my unconventional little story.

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Lifestyle: The Military Diet – Results and Final Thoughts

So yesterday concluded the final day of the Military Diet, and I weighed in this morning. I began these shenanigans weighing in at 146.8 and my final result this morning was 142.2. A difference of about 4.5 pounds! That’s about what I expected and considering I did “cheat” on the diet a little, that’s pretty good. 

Overall I think this diet is good for detoxing after an indulgent weekend or vacation, to help a person get back on track with their fitness. I honestly thought I would have woken up ravenous ready to eat the world, but I couldn’t even finish the banana I had for breakfast. I did end up splitting mac and cheese, and fish and chips with my bestie when we hung out today, but even then, I didn’t finish my portion. I’m feeling pretty good, and the biggest question is probably if I would do this again.

The answer is…probably.

It’s nice and short, but it is a pretty strict three days. I would do it again with some substitutions from the approved list on the website. 

But I’m no hurry to do it again!

I should mention that the website says this diet can be done 3 days on, 4 days off, every week for as long as you wish. On the 4 off-days, it’s ill-advised that you start wrecking pepperoni pizzas and entire cakes, of course. But maintaining a healthy diet and an exercise program with minor splurges is fine. Everything, as always, in moderation. 

It is not advised to stay on this diet longer than 3 days! The calories are loooooow on this diet, and if you do it longer than the 3 days, your body will go into starvation mode and all sorts of bad juju will befall you. 3 days tops. Got me?

I’m not sure I’ll be scurrying back to this diet next week, but I may attempt it again soon. 

If you try this diet out, please let me know how it went for you!


Hello world!

In the immortal words of Austin Powers, “allow myself to introduce…myself.”

I’m M. Allison Lea. I write stuff. You can read some of that stuff at my website, which is this:

I also write random stuff. I like to muse. Randomly. And then I like to take those random musings and throw them, virtually, of course, at unsuspecting people (like you!).

Additionally, I’m a self-professed beauty-a-holic. So, I’m going to be talking about things that fall under that category quite a bit, in between the posts about the writing and the musings.

I should at this point in time indicate that this very first post is in no way indicative of the quality of the posts to come. Meaning, I realize this post sucks a little and you’re probably already bored to tears. But bear with me. If you like to read fiction – specifically that which would fall under the category of new adult, contemporary, action/adventure, romance, mystery, and women’s lit – then you’ve come to a good place, as I’ll be sharing excerpts of my many projects here. If you’re a beauty fan, you’ve also come to a good place, because I’ll be blogging about my favorite products for skin and makeup as well as talking about a myriad of things that fall under the “beauty” umbrella.

I should also take this time to boast about my mediocre skills in the kitchen. I like to bake occasionally, and I’ll be sharing my successes. And perhaps my failures as well, if they’re funny enough.

I like to read comments and other random musings from readers. As long as you promise to keep it positive (even criticisms) and respectful, you can say anything you want.

Stay tuned, friends, because there’s so much more to come.