Past Clients

Content Edited and Proofed:

  • Through My Aching Heart, Nik Angela
  • Dreams That Have Stayed Ever After, Nik Angela
  • The Fierce Are Fading, Joshua Daniel Howell

Proofed Titles with Evernight Publishing:

  • Sex, Emergency Exits, and Plan Bs by James Cox
  • Sparks of Blue by Rose Wulf
  • Master by Sam Crescent
  • She’s Mine by Sam Crescent
  • Mercenary Crush by Frey Ortega
  • Book of Angels by K.H. Mezek
  • Trust by Sam Crescent
  • Dance With Me by Hazel Hughes
  • Horsepower by J.J. Collins
  • The Woodsman by Alexa Sinclair
  • Shattered Vows by Sam Crescent
  • For Her Sister, forthcoming