Lifestyle: The Military Diet, Day 2

Warning: Food in pictures may appear larger than it really is.

I went to bed hungry, and I woke up with a dull ache of yearning in my belly – yearning for chicken nuggets and fries, that is. But, since that’s partly what got me into this mess, I rolled out of bed and soldiered on. 

I’ve spent pretty much all day feeling hungry. Or, “hangry” is probably more appropriate.

Meal 1, Day 2: Hurrah. Time for a Delicious Breakfast. 😒

I had one cup of black coffee sweetened with Stevia, one egg I cooked in the microwave, one piece of toast and the other half of my banana from dinner last night. And I demolished it in about 0.0000736282 seconds. 

To be honest, it did take the edge off. And I went to the gym for an hour-long strength training class and didn’t feel that my performance was impacted. However, not being able to have my normal post-workout snack definitely made waiting two hours for lunch more difficult. 

And speaking of…

Meal 2, Day 2: Time For My Favorite Food Ever!!!!!

In case it wasn’t clear, I was being sarcastic back there.

This is the meal out of the entire diet I had been dreading. Because it involves cottage cheese, and I have attempted on several different occasions to eat and like cottage cheese. I don’t know if it’s the curd-like texture, or the very slight tang it has, but I have never been able to bring myself to like it. And this meal required me to eat an entire cup of it.

The diet does say you can substitute tuna for the cottage cheese, or one slice of cheddar cheese, but I wanted to follow the diet as strictly as possible. Lunch also include one egg and 5 saltines. I added salt and pepper to the cottage cheese and mixed it with the eggs, and ate the rest of it with crackers. I also had to tell myself repeatedly how much I liked it while I ate my lunch. You know, like a child.


It took 20 minutes to reach this point.
Does anyone have tips for making cottage cheese more palatable? It offers so many nutrients that it seems like a great food to include in my normal diet. I’ve heard mixing it with fruit is good, and I’ve only tried it savory.

Savory, and gross.

Meal 3, Day 2: Dinnter. YASSSS!


This is nowhere near as plentiful as it looks. The plate is hella small.
Dinner tonight was 2 hot dogs (I used all-beef Angus franks), a cup of broccoli and half a cup of carrots. I boiled the dogs tonight instead of nuking them like last night, and they were way better this way. I added Mrs. Dash to the veggies and dug in. And yes, I ate my veggies first and saved the dogs for last. YUM.

Dessert was half a cup of vanilla ice cream and half a banana. I sliced up the nanner and sprinkled the pieces with a little Stevia and some cinnamon. Then I nuked them for about 20 seconds. When I added the ice cream on top, it tasted sort of like a poor man’s bananas foster. Tasty!

And here I must confess: I had extra ice cream. A smidge. I’m weak, I cheated on the diet. But tomorrow, I’m concrete! Unshakable, unflappable, and sticking to the last day. Hardcore. (I’m also not that sorry.) ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

I’m slightly concerned because I plan to go to my Friday gym class and it’s an extremely vigorous step class. Breakfast is 5 saltines, a piece of cheese, and apple. Sounds like I might be passing out. 

I’ll report back. If you’re doing or have done this diet, let me know how it’s going or went! God speed and cottage cheese.

6 thoughts on “Lifestyle: The Military Diet, Day 2”

  1. I thought the first two weeks of South Beach were rough (6 cups of veggies a day and 4 servings of protein, no bread, no fruit). Not compared to this, though. I’m all “Whut, you only get 1.5 cups of veggies a day?” Also, I hate hot dogs.

    But I love cottage cheese.

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  2. What?! You don’t like cottage cheese? Yeah I used to think it was gross, but my aunt told me to try it with a little seasoning salt. And it was ok, I ate it that way for awhile until I noticed I was starting to look alittle swollen. Anyway I found out throwing a little apricot jelly makes it taste good. To me. I also like it with celery. I use it like a dip for celery.

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    1. I don’t like it!! I wish I did. I may try it with some fruit, one last ditch effort. It was only okay with S&P; and by okay I mean I was able to eat it without actually gagging.


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