Travel Diary: Toiletry + Makeup Train Case

 To say I pack everything but the kitchen sink is an understatement. I’m trying to be better about that: checking the forecast obsessively, planning outfits, jewelry, and basic clothing to the Tee (pun intended!), and ensuring I do not bring anything I don’t or won’t need. But I have yet to do the same when it comes to toiletries and makeup. To be sure, toiletries consist of essentials; bathing and hygiene supplies are non-negotiable and I always stock up on the travel sizes to maximize space. But those little shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, deodorants, lotions, etc can add up quickly.

Then there’s the issue of makeup: I try to bring as little as possible – ONE eyeshadow palette, ONE foundation, ONE blush, etc. I also try to use products that can work double duty – a shimmery bronzer can double as an eyeshadow, for instance, or lip stain that can double for blush. Unless I’m going on a vacation to a location that encourages frequent dressing up, I don’t wear much makeup while traveling anyway. But I always seem to convince myself I’ll need this or that and bring it along, and I used to find myself with multiple toiletry and makeup bags. 

When I went to Walmart before my trip to stock up on travel-sized necessities, I came across a cute foldable train case in a funky zebra print. It was about $15 and had four big pockets that was enough to hold all of my supplies together! 

It definitely seems a little excessive but I can bring all my favorites (yes, yes. I like to be able to contour on family vacays. Sue me.) and roll it up into a nice pouch that fits easily into my suitcase without taking up a ton of room.

What are your favorite toiletry cases? And does anyone have tips for downsizing the amount of makeup you bring on vacation?! 😩

5 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Toiletry + Makeup Train Case”

    1. Love UD!! So sleek, and plenty of choices! Now, does tarte have a contour palette? I’m so loyal to my KVD I haven’t checked anything else out!

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      1. They do! They have an only contour palette but the tarte palette I love is the limited edition rainforest one with 6 eyeshadows AND blush/bronzer/highlight. It’s so perfect for travel!

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      2. Great tip! I know which one you’re talking about now – I’m pretty sure that was limited ed. 😭 I’ll have to hunt for it on eBay or Amazon. I looked at it, thought “naaaaah” and now I regret it!


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