Travel Diary: The Carry-On


This time around, I’ve seriously downsized my carry-on luggage. I used to try to be slick and bring a purse inside a bigger “purse” and then a small rolling suitcase, one that usually held my makeup and shoes. I’m aware of how ridiculous that may be to some.

On this trip, I got everything I needed to bring inside my big, checked suitcase, I just brought this bag with me. This is from Forever 21 and it’s a nice big cross-body tote bag. It’s nice and roomy and has an adjustable strap as well as handles. I bought this initially to be strictly a carry-on bag but it’s become my main purse these days. I didn’t have to take anything out or really add much to it to bring with me. 

These are the essentials. I also have keys, a lint brush, a checkbook, and my anxiety Rx not pictured.

The black and white and red bag is my makeup bag. I got this in an Ipsy bag a while ago, and I’m a big fan of chevron, so I love it to hold a few essentials like hand lotion, hand sanitizer, blotting sheets, and my favorite Too Faced powder foundation for touch ups. Next is an ridiculously expensive bottle of Sobe Life Water; I’ll never learn about not buying stuff at the airport. The Sour Patch kids are a travel essential. 

The gold notebook is my writing notebook I got from Rachel George. I write notes, ideas, etc. in this. Can’t leave home without it! It’s the perfect size to fit in most handbags.

On the notebook is my passport in the black and white chevron passport cover. I got it on Etsy for $13 and it’s large enough to hold two passports. I usually put plane tickets, ID, cash, etc in the other pocket and take it with me wherever I go to make sure I always know where it is.

I also have my Beats by Dre earbuds – essential for travel! I never leave home without an EOS lip balm. Another travel essential – for me and my sweet tooth, anyway – is a package of candy. Totally unhealthy, I know, but it’s a splurge I always make when traveling. Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, and any kind of fruity gummy candy are my favorites! I also have a package of gum to help with the pressure in my ears. 

The final two items are my Kate Spade wallet, which I got on eBay, and my Ray Bans which were a Christmas gift from my hubby a couple years ago. Definite travel must-haves!

Leave a comment below letting me know some of your essential items in your carry-on 🙂

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: The Carry-On”

  1. Oh lord. Thanks for reminding me that I need to consider the luggage situation for two weeks in NZ in early July… it’s cold (ish. Like November here) there, but we’ll be leaving from Dulles in all that ungodly hot-humid DC weather.* So there’s the issue of What To Wear On The Plane (yes, yes, layer. But which layers?)…

    I can’t manage sour candy. Could when I was younger. Now I just, ugh, no. 🙂

    I’m quite sure my carry-on will be my new Lucky Brand leather tote, because it can hold my laptop as well as passport, cash, makeup bag, gum, etc… BTW, I can’t travel without fragrance. Got to have it – in small 5ml decant sizes, preferably.

    * I once went to the Fourth of July celebration IN DC, on the Mall, with teh hubs and my BIL & SIL, who lived at the time in Fairfax. It was great – the fireworks, Mary Chapin Carpenter… but it was awful, what with the 90% humidity and the heat and the three-hours it took to go like seven miles. NEVER AGAIN. WHen the HS band played for the parade in 2013, we stayed with BIL & SIL again, and we went to the parade, but we avoided the fireworks like the plague. Urgh. DC in July. God help me.

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    1. NZ?! That’s awesome!! Wear a T under a sweater and bring a light scarf you can stuff in your bag if need be – things to make it easy to switch between hot and cold if necessary! Ooh i have a small fragrance too 🙂 Check the forecast, and plan accordingly! 😀 have a wonderful trip!!!


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